Coaching and Leadership Brand

MotivationSenior leaders, as well as emerging ones, often face a challenging dilemma: How can I lead my people and our mission while remaining true to myself? Elysian Communications offers performance coaching and leadership branding for leaders interested in improving their performance and developing an authentic, consistent leadership voice and profile.

Our approach to leadership coaching is based on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) model, centered on helping established and emerging leaders improve their performance through careful identification, exploration and ultimate removal of those behaviors that block their progress. The goal of our coaching engagements is to create an organic process of self-discovery and growth for our clients, strengthening their innate abilities while learning to consistently model high quality leadership.

In addition to coaching, we offer our leadership brand service – a proprietary model to help leadership enhance their presence and codify their “voice” through the identification and reinforcement of key leadership attributes and qualities. Our model differentiates a leader amongst internal and external peers, providing a kind of short-hand definition of style and beliefs. The brand:

  •  Reflects the individual’s authentic leadership self
  • Is supported by a robust message platform
  • Creates opportunities for dialogue within the leader’s organization and with peers and,
  • Aligns with company-wide and division-specific strategies and goals

Created through a step-by-step method of assessment, interviews, self-reflection and analysis, our leadership brand is a valuable tool for leadership development and can expand to include leadership teams, as well as serve as an adjunct to coaching.