Work We’ve Done

What makes Elysian Communications unique? It’s the experience.

Big global change or small local initiatives, we have delivered outstanding work to support companies and their leaders. We understand what is needed and why it will work.

Capturing a Company Code:

Capturing a Company CodeOne of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical companies in the world, specializing in cancer and immune-inflammatory related diseases, wanted to find a creative way to enhance employee engagement. The company’s stated purpose captures its passionate, patient-focused spirit clearly: “Changing the course of human health through bold pursuits in science and a promise to always put patients first.”

The company’s purpose and business strategy were well-defined and consistently communicated across various constituency groups. The one corporate asset not fully communicated was its Culture and People Strategy. They wished to remedy this situation by concisely articulating the human element behind their success in a way that would be memorable, aligned with their values, and easy for leaders to integrate into their messages about the company.

Elysian Communications was brought in to capture the company’s history, culture and independent spirit. We undertook internal research, reviewed external positioning, conducted extensive interviews with senior leaders and gathered archetypal stories from the company’s past and present. The final result was an engagement program whose touchstone was a rich, 40 plus page book for every employee in the company that reflects their story and their combined future. The program also included targeted leadership tools, shareholder information, recruiting support and promotion on the corporate website.

Boosting Sales with Technology:

Boosting SalesOne of the world’s largest consumer healthcare companies wanted to improve the effectiveness of its global sales force through a new cloud-based customer management system. More than just a technology tool, the new system became the front edge of cultural change in markets around the world. We were brought in to lead a comprehensive communications and change management effort.

Elysian Communications created:

  1. An easily recognizable brand that was infused into all program materials, training, leadership tools and stakeholder management.
  2. Globally focused program website focused on education, market success stories, program updates and translated reference guides
  3. Extensive market and global materials to promote new system and help guide markets during implementation. Materials included language friendly animated infomercials, customizable market launch toolkits, real-time progress reports and user support library.

Reorganize and transform:

Reorganize and TransformA global mid-sized biopharmaceutical’s US Commercial operation was facing significant market pressures. One of their business lines, which had been formed and funded a few years prior, was underperforming and leadership had to make swift changes in structure and focus across the entire US operation to turn things around.

Partnering with a senior HR consultant, Elysian Communications worked directly with the market president and his leadership team to build a program supporting the reorganization. The first leg was engaging the entire US operation in the rationale for change, understanding its impact and supporting the new focus of the organization. We worked directly with our client to build the right messaging and activities for leadership, prepare them for the various roles they needed to play during the change and support the employee base during the transition.

The second leg concentrated on transformation. With a little less than one month’s lead time, we developed and executed an all-employee US market offsite. It was the first time in the group’s history that the entire organization met as a unified team. Many employees were still adjusting to the reorganization and they needed to fully understand the company’s strategic direction and how they fit into the long-term picture. Using the theme of “Our Team, Our Future” the 2 ½ day offsite combined fast-paced team building, creative problem solving to allow attendees to tangibly take ownership for their future and transparent insight from market and corporate leadership on strategy and direction.

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, not only for the spirit of community and empowerment experienced by the attendees but also the sense that this was a truly positive inflection point in the US operation’s story. We continued to work with the client through the remainder of the year on programs designed to carry forward the innovative ideas developed during the offsite.

Creating a new story:

Creating a New StoryA global agriculture leader is expanding its market presence through targeted double-digit growth and an evolution toward more integrated product offerings for farmers. The company realized that farmers need more than seed product, they need information and services that can help them grow more sustainable and healthy crops. The company’s Chief Information Officer was tasked with transforming IT from a support service organization to a partner in growth through data-infused products and services.

The CIO and his leadership team worked with Elysian Communications on the development of a transformation narrative and engagement plan to properly position the organization within the company’s growth engine. The work included developing the story behind IT’s renaissance, a robust engagement approach that involves business peers, senior leaders, employees and outside parties, and program branding to support IT’s new focus and structure. Working with a highly respected communications partner, Elysian provided full strategic communications service to this 5 year transformation effort.

Merger Integration, Study 1:

Merger IntegrationElysian Communications was asked to provide strategic counsel and support to a global company specializing in rare disease treatments during their acquisition of a specialty research company. The merger was announced in late 2013 with a target close date of early 2014. This represented a tight timeframe. The deal was the largest the company had done to date and it required a high level of professionalism to ensure it was executed in the best way.

Elysian provided strategic counseling to the deal’s Integration Management Office, lead by a select cadre of senior leaders. The engagement included guidance on creating the optimal merger communications structure, development of a robust, multi-audience communications strategy, direct coaching and counseling for the communications team leader and best practices on Day One communications approaches. We worked side-by-side with the communications team, as well as other groups supporting the integration, to do more than help guide the process – we rolled up our sleeves to develop materials, manage Day One activities and prepare key members of both organizations for merger close and beyond. We also developed a post-event communications briefing book for use during future M&A activity.

Merger Integration, Study 2:

File folder with Merger and Acquisition and financial graphs. Business concept

In the summer of 2014, Elysian Communications was asked to support merger communications for the joining of two of the world’s largest and most successful animal health companies. We provided on-the-ground support, strategic counsel and execution management to the communications team and leaders in the Integration Management Office, helping them focus on what was most essential across all stakeholder audiences to ensure business continuity and a smooth transition. We also guided the team in their interactions with colleagues leading organizational design and culture change.

Our hands-on approach included development of pre-close, close and post-close communications strategies and tactics, coaching and counseling for team leaders, the chartering of an internal network devoted to creating a seamless Day 1 experience for all audiences and guidance on C-suite leadership announcements.

The result was a tightly coordinated, attuned integration experience across all external and internal constituencies, leading to positive external perceptions, focused employees and a platform to drive future cultural benefits.

Helping a Leader Find His Authentic Voice:

Businessman Shouting Mountain Tranquil Solitude ConceptA newly appointed C-suite leader had his work cut out for him: Lead a multi-year, multi-million dollar organizational transformation while successfully on-boarding to a new company and industry. He realized that he needed to be clear to his people, his peers and the CEO concerning who he was and what he needed to do to gain their trust and lead his function through change.

He turned to Elysian Communications to help him uncover his leadership brand and consistently communicate it with authenticity. Using our proprietary leadership brand model, we worked with him, his leadership team and his peers to clearly define his leadership attributes and those needed to be a successful leader of change. Aligning the leader’s specific attributes to company and function strategy and culture, we developed a set of interconnected attributes, message platform, on-boarding strategies and engagement tactics to help the leader “show up” across all groups consistently and with integrity. We then expanded the attributes to include the leadership team, ensuring they also had a consistent and aligned behavioral platform.

Over time, the leader integrated his consistent application of the attributes, message platform and tactics into his internal and external interactions, building his reputation and brand in stature and impact.