About Elysian

elysian_aboutElysian Communications is dedicated to helping companies and senior leaders navigate through complex change with an authentic, relevant approach. We specialize in organizational change, engagement programs, executive communications, strategic counsel, and leadership coaching and branding.

We help clients skillfully deal with transformative waves from the sudden downsizing to the global merger to the groundbreaking growth that reshapes an organization inside-out. We create and support engagement programs, giving identifiable form to what makes a company unique.

For our coaching and branding clients, we focus on helping them raise their performance level, balance the many demands on their attention and develop an honest, consistent expression of their leadership persona.

Clients who work with us are better able to:

  • Expertly guide customers, partners and employees through periods of change
  • Positively engage employees in company strategy, helping them understand how to make it come alive while ensuring that customer needs remain front and center
  • Clearly articulate the characteristics that make their company’s culture unique
  • Help leaders measurably improve their leadership performance and individual brand